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Gemini 4 - This Days in June 1965. Red, white and blue all over:

  1. Aden Protectorate, Gulf of Aden, in background Wadi Hadramawi
  2. Richat Crater, Mauritania, West Africa
  3. Wilcox Dry Lake, Chiracahua Mountains, Arizona, New Mexico, 
  4. Texas, San Angelo, Sweetwater area
  5. Pacific Ocean West of Galapago Islands
  6. Clouds
  7. Southwest Saudi Arabia, Aden Protectorate, Seif Dunes
  8. Pacific Ocean southwest of Panama
  9. Western Algeria, Sahara Desert
  10. Richat Crater, Mauritania overexposed



Apollo 10 Re-Docks and Prepares For Day of Photography in Lunar Orbit (21 May 1969) —- The ascent stage of the Apollo 10 Lunar Module (LM) is photographed from the Command Module prior to docking in lunar orbit. The LM is approaching the Command and Service Modules from below. The LM descent stage had already been jettisoned. The lunar surface in the background is near, but beyond the eastern limb of the moon as viewed from Earth (about 120 degrees east longitude). The red/blue diagonal line is the spacecraft window.

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